Mission Statement and Board Upgrades (Member of Tapatalk)

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Mission Statement and Board Upgrades (Member of Tapatalk)


Postby madamimadam » Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:32 pm

First of all, welcome to everyone. ::flowers::


Adam's fandom, to me, is meant to be fun and exciting! Lord knows the last 6 years have been an always-thrilling roller coaster ride! I would like this board to reflect the joie de vivre and acceptance which Adam always displays! My motto is "Live and Let Live" in real life and it applies here as well.

Like any community, different personalities make up membership of this board. Please respect each other AT ALL TIMES!

Think before you post... Here's an example:

John posts: "I think Adam should do ABC."

Paul responds: "That's silly! I think he should be doing XYZ!"


Paul responds: "Oh? I would think XYZ might be more beneficial."

Both of Paul's answers make his point. The first one turns the conversation hostile where the second just opens the lanes of back and forth opinion sharing.


As many of you know, I'm an archivist and 'red sea' info fiend... This board also reflects that. I hope this board becomes a great source of information for members and non-members alike. Always check if there's a thread where you could post instead of opening a new one.  The natural rhythm of the board will have less popular threads slowly working their way down the list, as it was at IDF.  I have tried to create all the popular threads already, but you CAN add threads if you want to. If you do decide to open a new thread, only do so in the "Let's Talk" forum! The other forums are for archiving purposes!

I have, with the help of wonderful supporters, populated the existing threads with mostly 2015 stuff only. The posts have been brought in as quotes in order to retain the time stamps and authors of the posts intact. Now, that the board is live, you just post as you normally would on any board.


I realize that things are going to look weird at first, but trust me this board has loads of bells and whistles (with more to come)!

I have created The Welcoming Wagon thread where you can post comments, ask questions, commiserate with each other with how hard the transition is!   ::crylaugh::

I'm hoping everyone will be more familiar with the 'how to' stuff by the time Ghost Town drops in just over a week from now.



I want to thank my two Special Techie Angels without whom this board would never have been born!!!! Their patience with my ignorance of so many settings, bells and whistles is incomparable! My endless demands of the 'need to have', 'would like to have', 'would really, really like to have", "YTF do we need that" were all met with good cheer and all made to become reality within minutes... OK, so maybe not minutes, but you get the gist!!!!

I had one goal in mind, to be able to go live with this board a week before Ghost Town drops so everyone would have time to get comfortable.

I then proceeded to bring in stuff from IDF, my Treasure Chest of Links, the OP's of list of videos/videographers for the QAL tour, our popular threads at IDF and soon found myself drowning.  There is no way that goal would have been met without the endless hours spent here bringing stuff from IDF by my two heroes: Tiki and Infinite!!!!!

Finally, Mark and VistaDiva brought in their threads that are such an integral part of keeping Adam's history intact!

To all you guys, my endless gratitude!!!!  

::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers::
"It is what it is!"

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Mission statement


Postby madamimadam » Wed May 27, 2015 11:18 pm

madamimadam » Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:32 am wrote: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers::

I hope you love our new digs as much as I do!!!!

The forums, threads and posting/quoting/editing remain the same as in our 'summer home'.

Everything upgraded well except two things...

1. The previously embedded videos lost their formatting, but Tiki, infinite and I will be fixing these in the next few days. I bow before their endless devotion!!! ::notworthy::

2. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring in the emoticons from our 'summer home', so in previous posts, your smilies have become just writing... Again, that only applies to previously posted smilies.

Some of our new bells and whistles are...

1. You can now post your smilies, images, links at the cursor!!!! ::highfive::

2. We now have a 'spoiler' button which we missed at MTT(One). ::devilwave::

3. And we have the strikeout option which was always fun to use after we were corrected about something or other in our posts! ::winking::

4. We now have topic icons which allowed me to get rid of those god-awful "before and after" strokes in the thread names which makes for a much cleaner "read" of the sub-forum!!!! There are 3 groups: ::wheee::

a) Everything to do with Adam's career - musical notes icons;
b) All our '2015' threads - asterisk icons;
c) Everything to do with Queen - star icons.

5. RSS feed capability and more features are yet to come!!!!! ::coffee::

I want to extend my profuse thanks to Vampfever who has held me up when things were rough, listened to my ideas and made them reality and, above all, never gave up when things I wanted seemed impossible to reach!!!! ::hugkissblush::

Just like Adam, our look is more grown up and sedate, but will be filled with the same flailing, enthusiasm, drooling as either Madamimadam Treasure Trove Prise One or IDF ever did...

Hope to have you around for years to come because Adam is sure to keep life interesting!!!!!

::groupwave:: ::groupwave::

P.S. I have opened a "Suggestions and Comments" thread, so feel free to let me know how you feel!
"It is what it is!"

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Mission Statement and Board Upgrades


Postby madamimadam » Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:12 am

Ladies and gentlemen: We have reached our final destination...

So, we are now on our very own domain.... Vampfever has worked tirelessly to fix the problems you were aware of as well as those problems that you guys couldn't see but made the board have 'glitches'. She has also given us so many new bells and whistles to make the board more fun!

Here's the list of the perks you guys can see that have been fixed or added...

Links now open in new tab. In the case of a link to our own board or a clickable attachment (also part of our board), then you have to Ctrl-Click to open in new tab.

Attachments: The box and info are no longer showing up. Nice clean pics!!!! Pics are now getting resized if needed but they are clickable. Again, because those attached pics have become part of the gallery of this board, you need to Ctrl-Click.

There is now a tab in the reply box for "ThumbnailPop" for when you want to bring in big ass pictures from another site... It will resize it for this board but are clickable to view in the original size.

We now have some really snazzy buttons in the reply box. Check them out!

Posts numbering now done per thread. To get the link to a specific post, click on the post number, a box will pop up with the code, copy and paste it wherever you want.

Smilies - hovering over them will tell you what they are and I also added the requested ones.

Soundcloud and a whole slew of video embedding capability is now available with clickable links into new tab.

Bringing in videos and embedding them is now the easiest thing to do!!! Click on the button (looks like a 'play arrow'), enter your link, no need to tell it if it's an vimeo or a youtube or a vine, "Insert into message" and watch the magic happen!!!!

Quotes now have a clickable link to bring you back to the original post and include the date/time stamp.

Quote boxes are now pink.

Avatars are on the left.

Back to Top button is now visible (bottom right of any post).

On the far right, in the Last Post column, we now get the topic title as well as the last poster! If you click on the topic title, it brings you to the last post... Much easier to click on than the little white box.

From the the top or bottom, you can go directly to a specific page number.

There is a clickable "View Unread Posts" in the Quick Link dropdown menu... Niiice!

Unread forums, sub-forums and topics titles are now red and easy to spot.

If you want to adjust the width of the board, click on your name (top right). You get a dropdown menu. Pick User Control Panel, Board Preferences, Display Options, scroll to bottom - Use Maximum Width, click on "Yes" and the board will expand to fit your screen.
"It is what it is!"

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